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This is for all of the drivers out there in California, especially the really young ones. Those drivers who just got their licenses should pay particular attention to this. 
Traffic offense convictions are not a laughing matter. Some may be asking what exactly constitutes a traffic offense conviction. There are a few that make it onto the list.
1) Getting caught speeding
2) Running a red light
3) Being involved in an accident, and the accident is your fault. 
4) Driving with a suspended license(this is a big one)
5) Reckless driving
6) Involved in a hit and run
7) Driving while intoxicatedThese are just to name a few of what a person can get convicted for, when it comes to traffic violations. DRIVING RECORDSome may be asking how this will affect the driving record. To answer any and all questions, these will all effect the driving record. Having any one of these will be placed on the record and stay there, for a period of time. 


If a person has been caught speeding running a red light or causing an accident, he or she will have at least one point placed on the record. If a person has been caught doing any of the others above, than two points will be brought to the table. Again, this is not a laughing matter. 


Yes they do. They keep an eye on those who have had any one of these violations. These violations are also public record for anyone who wants to see them. A parent and/or guardian can request to see these records. Other police officials can request to see this information. 


Well, for starters, the police monitor this activity very carefully. They can take any kind of action, based on the activity that is on the record. 

1) If a person gets a fine for speeding, it’s up to that person to pay it on time. If it’s not paid on time, he or she can have their license suspended until it is paid.

2) If a person has caused an accident within one year, they will send you a warning letter. This letter is just a warning, but the person still needs to pay close attention to it. 

3) If a person causes a second accident within that one year period, the license will get suspended for a period of 30 days. If that person does drive, an adult of 25 years or older must accompany them at all times. 

4) Once a person has caused three accidents within a year, the license will get suspended for about 6 months. Plus, the person will be on probation. Probation normally lasts about a year.

5) If the same person has caused additional violations, he or she will continue with their suspension. 

6) If a person(ages 13-21) is convicted of a DUI, he or she will face suspension for about a year. If the person doesn’t have an actual license yet, they will be required to wait for a year, before applying for one. 

The law states: If your driving has been suspended or revoked, you may not drive at all in the sate of California.

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