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Many Californians have a very strong interest in maintaining a clean driving record, but none more so than commercial drivers. Their very career is dependent on their capability of keep their driving record clean.

Speeding with a commercial license adds 1.5 times the normal points added to a person’s California Driver’s License, meaning that you could actually end up with a suspended license if you have had the bad fortune of acquiring a couple of speeding tickets in too short a period. With increased points at stake, as a commercial driver you are at greater risk of rising insurance rates. If your employers insurance decides they cannot cover you as a driver, then you could be out a job.

Cdl traffic attorneys specialize in researching the details of your incident and then representing you in court to attempt to avoid any points being added to your record. A good California cdl attorney can quash points attached to tickets in many different scenarios, making it easier for their clients to relax and focus on the future while they are on the road. To make it even easier, most clients do not need to even go into court with their attorney. They can simply return to work and allow their cdl traffic attorney to handle things in court.Of course, if you are ticketed for being at fault in an accident or have a more serious point violation, cdl attorneys can also help, but they may require that you be present to help present your case in court.

Because the point penalties are magnified for CDL holders, you should probably consider calling a California CDL attorney any time there is a potential point to be added to your license. The list of penalties that causes points to be added to your California license is fairly short, but quite severe. Driving with a Blood alcohol content of 0.04% or more and possessing a CDL will cause you to lose your license for one year at the time of your first offense. And while there really is no defense for people drinking too much and then driving, it is apparent that at a relatively low level of 0.04 percent, there are going to be many natural factors that could cause a person to show the same reading. A good attorney may even be able to replicate your tested BAC by having you duplicate the factors that were present the evening that you were pulled over.

One of the most important pieces of advice that you could receive as a cdl holder is that it might be a good idea to check out cdl attorneys any time you experience legal problems regarding your license.