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The biggest way that traffic tickets can affect a truck driver’s CDL is the worst case scenario, they could easily loose their license and job. Trucking companies will generally disregard minor traffic violations and the trucker may get off with a warning, however, if the tickets are more serious moving violations or there are a multitude of minor violations they may lose their CDL, and will no doubt need to hire a CDL traffic attorney.

We are all aware that any city or state generates an income from traffic tickets issued for violations, whether it is a personal vehicle or a commercial truck. Sometimes, depending upon the city or state the truck driver is going through, the police may hone in on the trucker specifically, and are known to issue multiple tickets. If the trucker does not feel that the ticket or tickets were fairly written they may need the help of a truck driver traffic attorney.

Some of the reasons for issuing a trucker a moving violation can also be issued for a private citizen. One of these moving violations can be for going over the speed limit only five miles per hour. Truckers are generally targeted when their speeds reach over 15 miles or more over posted speed limits for truckers.

Some serious moving violations may include reckless driving, tailgating another vehicle, accidents in which there was a fatality, improper lane changes or reckless lane changes, driving with the wrong endorsement, driving a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL and driving a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL in your possession. These serious moving violations should not be taken lightly, as this is the trucker’s income, and they will need to hire a CDL traffic attorney.

There are some moving violations that are not as severe, but they can also affect the truckers driving status and record. If the driver has a non-commercial motor vehicle conviction it can cause a suspension of the CDL if the non commercial license was suspended. If the trucker, in three years has two convections it can cost them a 60 day suspension of their CDL. And, it can cost them a 120 day suspension for a 3rd conviction.

The penalties are quite steep for violating out of service orders, such as a 90 day suspension for the first conviction and this is a minimum sentence. If within 10 years the trucker has a second conviction it will mean a one year suspension. A suspension of three years applies if this is the third conviction.

When truckers violate railroad crossings or highway grade crossing laws, they will carry a suspension that is mandatory, such as a 60 day suspension for a first conviction,
A 120 day suspension for a second conviction and a one year suspension for a third conviction and another one year suspension for each additional violation thereafter.

The responsibility of a trucker when on the job does not stop there. This responsibility continues into their private vehicle when off the job. Parking violations do not carry anything that would warrant too much to worry about; however, any other moving violations in a private vehicle must be reported to their company. If the trucker has lost their private driving privileges they have one day to report this loss or a CDL suspension in 24 hours.

The trucker must not be issued any moving violations in their private vehicle or truck for fear of losing their CDL, job, income. Being a responsible driver on and off the job means a continued income for the trucker and their family.

If the trucker was issued a violation in error they should hire a truck driver traffic attorney and fight the violation if they were wronged.

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