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Have you received a traffic ticket in El Centro? Are you considering hiring an El Centro traffic ticket attorney? Some common reasons for ticket citations in El Centro include speeding, running a red light or committing a moving violation. Tickets are no fun. They cost money, time, and sometimes can even affect your employment. It’s also common for insurance rates to increase as a result. Since this can be a very difficult situation to deal with, it will be very beneficial to hire an El Centro traffic ticket attorney.

Benefits an El Centro Traffic Ticket Attorney can Offer

By hiring a traffic ticket attorney experienced in defending El Centro traffic tickets, you can have a legal professional to help resolve this situation quickly and even have your ticket dismissed entirely. An experienced ticket attorney will know how to negotiate your case with the court even if you know you got caught red handed. Often, there are deals available that the average defendant doesn’t understand or have access to. An El Centro traffic ticket attorney who knows the local courts is truly your best friend when it comes to defending your case.

Why Not Just Pay the Ticket and Move On?

This is an option. You might be tempted to go ahead and just pay the fine and move on, but there are some good reasons to reconsider this. In California you are assigned points based on your violation. The more points you accrue, the more danger you are in of certain consequences. Some of these include:

  • Jump in insurance rates. You can lose good driver status. Often, higher rates last for 3 years
  • Suspension of license. If you get too many points, the state will suspend your license.
  • Loss or inability to get certain employment. If you are a commercial driver, your employer may no longer be able to afford insurance on you and let you go. Even if you don’t drive commercially, you may want a job that requires you to have a clean driving record. An example would be Uber.
  • It can be cheaper to hire an attorney in the long run. An experienced El Centro traffic ticket attorney can very often keep all points off your record and even get your entire ticket dismissed.

At the very least, you would be wise to get a consultation before running off and pleading guilty (when you pay you are pleading guilty). A good El Centro traffic lawyer who specializes in traffic tickets can defend and negotiate to get a favorable ruling on your traffic ticket dispute.

Another reason to hire a traffic ticket attorney is because they are more knowledgeable of the traffic laws. Since they are very knowledgeable of the legal system they can understand the reasons for and implications of a traffic ticket and therefore find out if there are any ways to resolve this favorably for you. With a knowledge of the traffic laws, a lawyer can make sure that the ticket was given for a legitimate reason as well as there being evidence that a violation was actually committed. If they can find out that there was no violation or evidence of one, they can apply the traffic laws to help convince a judge to eliminate the ticket.

Can You Beat an El Centro Traffic Ticket?

In short, you can in many cases. A traffic ticket attorney first looks at how to get a ticket dismissed and is successful at this more often than you might realize. If they are able to find that a ticket was given for no justifiable cause and no supporting evidence, that office or court made a mistake, or a number of other reasons, then they can have your ticket removed from your record as well as preventing you from paying any fines.

You Have a Legal Right to Defend Yourself…So Use It!

You have the right to defend yourself, however, it takes some specialized knowledge to do so effectively. Also, the attitude of judges and courts towards citizens defending themselves is not always favorable. An attorney, however, is respected in the court room and can speak the same legal language as the judge. If you hire an El Centro traffic ticket attorney, they can defend your case from a calm, unemotional, place that will go over much better in court.

Since a lawyer will have the ability to petition the traffic laws to your favor and make settlements and negotiations with the courts, you should consider hiring one to defend your case. At the Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell, we have a success rate of around 95% in keeping points off your record, fine reductions, and complete dismissals.

If you have a ticket and want to know your rights and your options, then contact my office today for a free consultation. I’ll review your El Centro traffic ticket case and offer my expert opinion on the odds of success in getting a favorable result for you.

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