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Anyone who has received a ticket for speeding, a red-light traffic infraction, reckless driving, making an illegal u-turn or other moving violation will need the assistance of an experienced traffic ticket attorney. When most people are issued a ticket, they figure the easiest thing to do is pay the fine and it will all be over. However, this violation goes on the driver’s permanent record, which can end up increasing the individual’s insurance rates. In addition, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will assess points against the driver’s license.  Any driver can be classified as a negligent operator if they have accumulated the following points:

•    4 or more points in a 12-month period
•    6 points in a 24-month period
•    8 points in a 36-month period

The DMV has the right to suspend or revoke the license of any driver classified as a negligent operator. The typical suspension is for a minimum of six months with a one-year probationary period. Most traffic ticket clinics will make promises to potential clients that they can get the violation dismissed. Unfortunately, traffic ticket clinics will only arrange for the driver to attend traffic school. A traffic ticket attorney will go to court on the client’s behalf. Their first priority at the arraignment is to enter a “not guilty” plea and schedule a court date in the near future. Most people have little to no experience with the court system and are unaware of how the proceedings are supposed to be handled. They often try to explain to the judge what happened during the arraignment, which is not the appropriate time.

Repercussions for CDL Holders

The State of California does not allow a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder to attend traffic school in an effort to keep points of their record. Therefore, it is extremely important that the ticket be contested or they risk having the CDL suspended. Any CDL holder who gets a speeding ticket for operating their vehicle 15 miles per hour over the speed limit may be facing misdemeanor charges. More serious violations include following another vehicle too close or making an unsafe lane change. If a CDL holder is found guilty of any of these infractions twice within a three- year period, their CDL will be suspended by the DMV. In addition, most trucking companies will not offer a job to a CDL holder who has serious infractions.

When to Consult a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When looking for an attorney to handle the case, there are several questions to consider asking, which might include the following:

•    What is the experience of the attorney?
•    What is and their rate of success handling cases?
•    Are they familiar with the local court system?
•    Do they know the judge that will be presiding over the case?
•    Do they know the officer who issued the ticket?
•    Will they negotiate with the prosecutor for a better outcome?

It is important to hire a lawyer who will act in the best interest of the client and appear in court on their behalf. This alleviates the problem of the person needing to take time off work just to spend all day sitting in a courtroom. Please contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can help resolve the case.

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