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Driving on a suspended license is a serious crime in all states, but in the state of California, especially the city of Riverside, you can be facing some serious penalties if you end up being pulled over by an officer and do not have the proper license. A great deal of people do not think that this is too big of a deal and think that it will be something like a ticket if they end up getting pulled over and found out, but the reality is that things are a lot more serious.

For first time offenders that get convicted and are facing the penalties for driving on suspended license in Riverside CA, you can expect to get a fine ranging from three hundred dollars, up to one thousand dollars. This can also come with jail time, but that decision is up to the judge, who will likely make a determination on whether you have to go to jail or not based on your record and the actual instance that the current case involves. Most of the time, you can expect to pay a hefty fine, but you likely will not end up going to jail, unless of course this is not your first offense.
Second time offenders are treated a lot more harshly, as the court see it is a direct defiance and that they did not learn from their lessons. You can bet that you are going to go to jail if you get pulled over a second time and convicted and are facing the penalties for driving on suspended license in Riverside CA. The law states that they have to give you a minimum of ten days in jail, which can go up to a year, but not any time longer than a year. However, most of the time when a person gets this type of conviction, you can expect to get anywhere from about ten days to several months, unless there are other things that are things that are negative with the case. The fines will increase as well and will go up from five hundred dollars to a total maximum of two thousand dollars, but the top fines are rarely enforced and will again, be based on the individual case and the persons driving and criminal history.
There is no question that there are strict Riverside CA penalties for driving on suspended license, so if you do not want to find yourself having to pay up a ton of money in fines to the court and spend a bunch of your time in a jail cell, you had better not drive without a license. That being said, things happen in life and if you are faced with this type of situation, do not walk, but run to an attorney and get proper representation. Riverside CA penalties for driving on suspended license are not a joke, but the great thing is that there are plenty of attorneys out there that can likely get your case lessened or even thrown out completely. The propensity for lawyers being able to get these cases diminished or thrown out is high and the penalties are simply not worth the risk of not going out and spending the money on proper representation, so get yourself a lawyer as soon as you can if you are in this situation.
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