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The police officers assigned to the traffic division in Riverside County, California are no strangers to the Moreno valley CA penalties for driving on suspended license. On one day alone in November of last year, police at a specified checkpoint carried out 46 arrests related to driving with a suspended license or no license. Keeping traffic violators off public roads are just one of the ways the Moreno Police Force serves their community. Gaining state and national recognition, the proactive Moreno Valley Police Traffic Team has made a name for itself by implementing innovative traffic programs to better the communities they serve. Whatever the violation whether speeding or driving with a suspended license conscientious officers are prepared to address any problem, going the extra mile to promote safe traffic practices.

If a subject is pulled over for a violation, the severity of charges is dependent on the type of violation committed. When it comes to penalties for driving on suspended license in Moreno valley CA the consequences vary according to the cause of the previous suspension. The type of suspension or violations accrued determines fines charged to the subject or action taken by the court. If a person is penalized for driving on a suspended license the prosecutor has to produce evidence proving the defendant knew about the previous suspended license charge. Receiving mail notices, being previously informed by an officer or having been convicted of a crime resulting in suspension provides evidence for the prosecutor to prove the violator was notified before-hand.

Moreno valley CA penalties for driving on suspended license rely on specific details related to previous suspension to determine sentencing. Below is a list of the five types of charges suspension cases are categorized under. Each section has set standards determining the seriousness of the offense and sentence.

•General Prohibition-

General prohibition refers to violations such as suspended drivers who are caught driving while having neglected to pay a speeding ticket.

•Reckless Drivers-

When a violator has been declared incompetent or negligent, received a reckless driving citation, been convicted for drug/alcohol abuse or has an unsafe driving disability, they are punishable by law.

•Conviction of DUI(s)-

Driving on a suspended license with a DUI on record has serious repercussions with a first offense incurring at the least a mandatory 10 day jail stay. With a minimum 30 day sentence of jail time given at a second offense, DUI(s) suspensions aren’t taken lightly.

•Repetitive Traffic Violators-

Repeat offenders are drivers with suspended licenses who rack up a driving history of violations. Committing two or more serious crimes, three or more moving violations or three or more accidents carries harsher sentencing.

•Suspensions Concomitant with DMV DUI(s)-

This charge results by refusal to take a DUI chemical test when arrested for a DUI or driving with a BAC of .08 percent or greater with a suspended license.

Specific penalties for driving on suspended license in Moreno valley CA are fines from 300 to 1000 dollars or both. Any driving with a suspended license offense can be cause for jail sentencing of up to 6 months and repeat driving suspension offenses resort in fines from 500 to 2000 dollars or both. Repeat violators may be required to stay in jail for up to a year.

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