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As a commercial truck driver, your livelihood is based upon the ability to travel from one location to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. The largest threat you face as a CDL holder is a speeding violation. With almost a quarter of a million speeding tickets issued to commercial drivers every year, traffic tickets effect on CDL can be severe.

How do speeding tickets affect your CDL?

Traffic laws vary from state to state, but all agree that speeding in a commercial vehicle is a serious infraction. You may find your CDL suspended with just one ticket under the right circumstances and in the right state. Not only will you get points on your driving record when caught, but in some jurisdictions you can get 1.5 times the points of regular drivers. This means that while a noncommercial driver can receive four tickets in a year and keep their license, a commercial truck driver can only have three. These points can quickly add up to a loss of license and add unwanted hardship to you and your family.

What can you do after a speeding citation has been processed?

Traffic school is not an option for commercial truck drivers in the majority of states. So once a speeding ticket is on your record, there isn’t much to remedy the situation. Multiple infractions have a higher risk of leading to a license suspension, so it is extremely important to remember that if a speeding ticket has already been received, you should use extra caution to not receive a second citation. It is also important to note that if you are stopped for going 15 miles over the speed limit, not only will these speeding tickets affect your CDL, you can be charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Why seek legal aid for your speeding ticket?

If you have received a citation for speeding, a traffic ticket attorney is a great option for helping you fight the infraction and keep your license. They will inspect your case and determine the best plan of action to help you out of your situation. Many have a high success rate in winning cases due to a number of mistakes that could have been made by police officers or their equipment. It is important that you see an attorney as quickly as possible so that you can answer questions about the incident accurately. Also, make sure to find one with an aggressive style that will fight for you and your career. Just knowing you are not alone and that there is someone on your side with vast knowledge and experience can give you peace of mind.

Although a traffic tickets effect on CDL can be harsh, there are measures that can help in protecting you from losing your source of revenue. If you find yourself with a speeding citation you should seek legal council before you take any action. Trucking companies are serious about your speeding history, and there are many cases where a lawyer, specialized in traffic citations, has been able to help drivers keep their license and their jobs. This is your future you are protecting, and it is always worth fighting for.

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