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Can I pay my fine by mail payment? Of course you can although every city and town will no doubt have specific rules to both checks and money orders. Most likely you will have to include a note explaining the check or money order with the case number on it when paying fine by mail. Also, when paying fine by mail make sure you put the case number on the check or money order. This will guarantee the proper citation is noted and credited to you. This should clear up any misconception and get your fine paid so you can put this behind you and get on with your life. Make sure your mail payment is correctly addressed.

Getting a traffic citation never comes at a good time, they are unexpected, expensive, unpleasant and very inconvenient. They can also add negative points to your good driving record. This could also add to a rate hike to your insurance. Talk about a double whammy.

Though it isn’t necessary to have an attorney present, it is a good idea however, it could get slightly expensive. An attorney can help reduce the fine and/or the violation as well or may even be able to have it thrown out completely. By yourself, you are at the mercy of hungry wolves.

There are many traffic violations that many people are unaware of like making an illegal u-turn that was not clearly marked, or driving through a parking lot that is mark only on one entrance and in small print. This violation is called a drive through. Such violates can be argued as entrapment much like a speed trap.

A good attorney can review your case, explain your rights and advise you on the best course of action. In most cases, you don’t always have to make an appointment; instead you can go to the attorney’s web site and fill out a form with all the necessary information concerning your case. They will review it and go over it with you on the phone, after which an appointment can be scheduled. This can save time and money by getting right to the matter.

Though an attorney does most of the leg work, a paralegal is sometimes used to handle some select aspects of the case. A paralegal in general terms is a professional whose required knowledge and background allows him or her to perform substantive legal work under an attorney or attorneys who are ultimately responsible for the actions of the law firm to include the paralegal. Paralegals can also work as a freelance, usually working as a data entry typist for a law firm or online at home.

In the United States, the paralegal is not sanctioned by the government or any other agency to offer any legal services as lawyers do, nor are they counted in any capacity as an officer of the court, nor are they normally subject to court or government mandated rules of conduct. However, it should not come as a surprise if you complete some of your legal dealings through a lawyer’s paralegal. But never forget that a paralegal is not a lawyer and you should never take legal advice from one, though few paralegals would dare to cross that line.

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